Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mexico's Agile Black Market

The Mexican Informal Economy is 1/3 of it's economy. To take a look at Mexican's Economies is to look at an economy going underground because of tyrannical government. The more a government grows the more it's economy will go underground. A productivity is not measured by the taxes the is levied from it but from it's persistence to grow under oppression. Low capital entrepreneur's thrive in a market which focuses on the lowest prices, which also's allows them to hide from the government. Government wants cut off the of biggest fish in the sea so it doesn't rise up and overtake it. A government will not attack what it does not see as a threat.One million threats stacks the deck against the government, the agora will over take by it's ability to be seen not heard. Rise and rise again till all serfs become sovereign!!!

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  1. That's fine! I hope the state will be substituted by a free self governed society.