Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Excert from-Second Realm:Book on Strategy Crypto-Anarchy, Tradecraft, TAZ and Counterculture

Next steps
Should you find this strategy attractive, the question of where to go from here needs to be answered. These are some hints on how to proceed:
1. Make it your goal to achieve liberty based on this strategy or a variation of it.
2. Tell others that you committed to being active for liberty.
3. Dedicate some of your time on a regular basis to spend working on the Second Realm.
4. Start saving, so you can invest into the Second Realm when opportunities come up.
5. Take digital privacy serious. Start using PGP, I2P and similar. Learn about secure behavior.
6. There are some digital autonomous zones out there. Join them and spend time building your reputation.
7. Network with others, but not only in the digital but also in the physical. Have a few drinks together, or start a project. Declare your meetings as being autonomous.
8. Give up collectivist thought, especially asking for permission and requiring others to support you before you do anything.
9. Give up the quest for philosophical homogeneity. We will always differ in the details.
10.Start or support local OTC-Exchangers. Build a position of digital currencies so you can partake in covert commerce.
11.Live a culture of Liberty. Support the autonomy of others visibly: Respect!
12.Insert kindness and strength into the world. Charity and justice are for YOU to do.
13.Encourage others that work for liberty, that invest and produce.
14.If you are an artist, writer, musician, fashion designer (or whatever), run wild in creating our new culture.
15.Begin with defining your boundaries: Shun people that actively attack liberty and deny autonomy to others.

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