Monday, December 20, 2010

The Shadow Economy as the Agora by Sean Dusk

When Agorist see the shadow economy, they see the unprincipled black marketeer's. Not seeing the action in the unwitting black marketeers. These "black marketeers" are part of the counter evolution, whether they espouse Agorist ideals are not. They are making it possible for an educated Agorist market, to come to fruition.

As the statist economy dies from the cancer that is eating itself. These black marketeer's are laying the golden brick road, for the counter evolution to become possible. Through the study of this black market we can see the extra ordinary actions, that can lead way, for a conscious counter evolution. As I see it their are more of them than their are us and their more of us than their are statist. Although they lack the education they will do more for the movement globally the I ever could. Education is vital but without direct action it is futile.

For countries like Georgia, Bolivia, and Panama the 3 largest black market's.Where 2/3 of their GDP is the shadow GDP, where it is almost impossible to find any information out about them. They can not possibly be expected to get the education that is behind the principle of their actions. This could only be done by "Agorist Missionaries" which I think would be a great idea. Basically reaching these black marketeer's would be of little consequence.

We need to stand together as one United Golden Economy. So when these countries reach the "Agorist Age" we can embrace their experience. Let's bridge the gap and build a new society in the shell of the old for agorist and black marketeers alike.

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