Friday, December 17, 2010

A golden economy by any other name

Agorist's of all stripes, weather they ever heard the word or not. Are participating in the counter culture. We see open agorist who produce wealth off the books. To the blood stained hands of those who, are the parasite's of the black market. Are shaping the face of the golden economy.

Those who choose openness to gain the counter cultures' vision of a truly free market. Fly in the face of statist parasitic market. Call on those who support them when their property is in parol. If they are vindicated through jury nullification or by any other means. The golden economy is seen by those who want liberty now, act to be the change they see in these Agorist hero's.

Those who choose to be the overt Agorist, who use technology to advance an invisible golden economy. Build a new society within', without the parasites. Who whether to not be caught or on the principle of autonomy move in the shadows. Learning from the parasite's of the black market to keep their heads down, moving the golden market foreword. Using technology and living off experience, to sustain a market for those how wish to stay golden.

The uneducated Agorist, who makes up the majority of the golden economy. Who through whatever choice of their own, is advancing liberty unwittingly.
Needs use the most, to see the beauty of their actions and to advance these ideas to the uninformed Agorist.

Then their are those the highly debated parasites of the black market. Those who move as statist in a black market, as too be the rule of law in a market that has no need for their protection/rule. But have survived and can teach us much as to how to survive in a parasitic economy.

Rise and rise again, until all markets, are golden!!!

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