Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emergence as applied to the Black Market

Black Markets emerge when their is a disruption between the point in which supply and demand meet. This disruption is known as government. Emergence can be described as the appearance of new properties or species in the course of development or evolution. When we look at the black market through emergence. A Black Market emerges where disruption of supply and demand spawns a market which has exceeded the risk of getting caught. 

As we know governments grow as they grow so do Black Markets. As government economies collapse we see Black Markets flourishing replacing the shell which the government has created between supply and demand. Hence the phrase "creating a new society in the shell of the old." Governed ordered economies die and wither away in the shell that is left over a free society with supply and demand as it's structure will emerge. 

Normally as governments collapse the armed fraction will tend to set up their structure as the new "rule of law." As this process happens more and more in geographic designations. The Black Market which inhabits this area will trump the armed fraction, causing their "rule" to become null and void. The free exchange of this Black Market will come to be a non cohesive way for society to assemble.  

This is order out of chaos which is not chaos at all. It is the emergence of an enslaved humanity's fight against the ever growing tide of cohesion.  As societies around the world come to the point of actualization  that governance as a source of order is an illusion, which is what it has always been.  Free exchange will become the order among the chaos which is human interaction. Societies will regard the Black Market as the Free Market. Let's join the freemen that unwitting strive for this reality that time has not yet made an reality. Agora! Action!! Anarchy!!!

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