Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Steps and Going Underground By Sean Sawyer

Living in the 21st century presents expansive opportunities in "going underground." The Internet for provides a tax free, less mandated regulation, more options and a way to make the things you want to work around your schedule. Finding things you want and searching out the most accessible avenue to get those wants/needs that correspond with your lifestyle. It just takes baby steps moving the right direction while the bigger picture takes shape. Letting life takes it's course and keeping your eyes peeled for the opportunities that present themselves.

I got a Mac mini for my tv now I got free tv watching the shows I want to when I have the time and watching movies for the comfort of my easy chair. Without messing with the select few corporations who the government says can entertain me. Switching from overtaxed over regulated cancer sticks to e-ciggarettes. With eventual plans of moving on from working for local fascist to producing for myself. The market finds a way to get to those who choose to make a change. When the need is there the market will present itself this is the beauty of freedom. 

Freedom is everywhere local farmers market, local natural foods store, street corners in big cities, country roads in small towns, and computer monitors in your home. Freedom is choosing what you want from who you want without being locked in cages for victimless transactions. It takes time and the market is ever adapting to the manipulation of those who want to control our choices. In a world where untraceable, unregulated, non inflationary medium of exchange can exist at the click of button. I take note that change does not happen all at once but in baby steps to an ever evolving world. So don't just talk about freedom take it into your own hands.