Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rose Colored Economics

The Economies of all nation's is a mutated version of how resources are allocated to enslave it's slaves and those who make the emperor's robe. Thank you for dying to keep politicans safe. Thank you for dying so government created oligopolies can pillage another geographic designation. Thank you for being robbed so politicians can say they rebuilt America. Thank you for letting us print more "money," call it stimulus, cause inflation and putting your family on the dole after you lost your job. Thank you for being the cops who beat your fellow serfs down. It is alway easier to justify a slave beating a slave. Thank you for being robbed going over sea's and occupying others nation's giving "their" slaves, justification to crash a plane into a building serfs were robbed for and then dying for our "security."

The end to this cycle is to opt out, starve the state and their oligopolies. Build an economy in the shell of the old and let the monster starve. Anarchy, agorism, action, end the illusion that is the white market. Join the counter evolution and the coercion is over. Their "money" will be worthless before we run out of time. Remember time is on our side it always has been.

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