Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Networks and Communities by FreeRad

Subversive action against an oppressor is not immoral or illegitimate. The State will portray it that way in an effort to reinforce it's unjust authority into every aspect of our lives until we are no more than human shells with the State's hand up our asses, moving our mouths, and having their words spew forth. In order to prevent such a future we advocate agorism in an effort to starve, deprive, and nullify the State. The only way to really, and effectively turn agorist action into a successful outcome is through agorist communities based on dispersed networks. How can we take on the State if we are dependent on the State's system for medical "care", “protective” services, "education", or limited by the State's regulations? We need to begin forming networks. The networks I'm attempting to discuss are geared towards getting libertarians off the system and self sufficient or a better term would be community sufficient. We need networks of “good” and "trusted" citizens, who look great on paper and are above suspicion, to work behind the scenes as agorists. We need medical professionals who will not hesitate to treat, but not report, an injured friend. We need defense agencies to make sure our lives, homes, and wealth are protected when the state can no longer maintain its guise of being our benevolent protectors. We need underground networks of skilled people to help remove libertarians, and in time others, off of our State dependence and toward State independence.

We need networks of nurses and doctors or even veterinarians and homeopaths to help cure our ills and heal our wounds. A place to go, off the grid, and get the help you need without having to be tracked by the State and it's accomplices. If you're a freedom activists and thinking of going back to school this is an excellent field in which to gear any future education. This type of education can be invaluable to the movement. Doctors, nurses, and vets can aid and preform surgeries, if properly trained. The community may not have the best, off grid, access to Dr. and hospitals, but our only other option is to be treated in a state run institution by state sponsored and trained doctors who are loyal, not to the patient but, to the State. If a few nurses were to apprentice under a surgeon then they maybe qualified for anything that arises in the regular course of a day, short of major surgeries. Veterinarians are, also, important because they have a lot of the experience with surgery and can get access to medications. The problem is a simple lack of experience on humans. This could be mitigated through technology. A friendly doctor could watch a procedure or diagnose an illness via video over the Internet and guide the vet through the surgery or prescribe the appropriate drugs. Is it optimal? No, but when all else fails it may save a few lives. Homeopaths would also be invaluable in prevention of illnesses and natural remedies to help overcome illnesses particularly when modern medicines are being withheld or in short supply. By taking the necessary steps homeopaths could start learning their craft now and be prepared to step up once everything falls down. As previously stated, doctors and nurses don't necessarily have to be close in order to diagnose. A good webcam and a high bandwidth connection may be all that's needed for a doctor or nurse to diagnose a patient. There were recently rumor of an iPhone app that could test for STD's by urinating on a chip that connects to the phone. As technology of this nature grows the need to visit state doctors or travel to a friendly doctor will dwindle.

State regulations preventing the purchase of certain drugs without a prescription could hurt an anti-government movement. We know that the State will not hesitate to hurt the family of those who stand against it, but if we have trade networks setup from Canada or Mexico through friendly communities or through agorist couriers services, then we could have a smuggling network in place prior to any coordinated violent action of the State or any failure of the State. It is a common practice to smuggle people and drugs over these borders. The routes are already in place, the need is for agorists to either connect with or become the smugglers. An outbreak of disease could seriously hinder any resistance movement or simply kill people during a shortage of medicine. In order to limit such things we'll need not only medical professionals, but also access to modern drugs or natural remedies.

Education may be the most important part of the equation. To sustain any movement and to not lose any progress we make we will need to ensure that the next generation is not indoctrinated, but can start life with a clean slate. They cannot be made to learn the "truth" as taught by the state and then to have to unlearn it later. We need our children to have a clean slate in which to breed new and untainted ideas. Our next generation is the most important tool we have to fight tyranny. They are our future and they are the ones who are more likely to see freedom. Educators are needed to help with this task. Homeschooling isn't an option for everyone. Some parents don't feel they have the talent to teach their children and others simply don't have the time. Community schools with a focus on freedom and the NAP, or other libertarian ethics models, need to be promoted. Preferably these schools should be full time education centers. I do not mean to put children in a school or a class room for 8 hours a day, but regular meetings and field trips with trusted friends greatly expand a child's ability to perceive the world around them. Internet study groups and local activity groups could do wonders to free the minds of our children while preventing them from being locked in the mental cage many of us were locked into at one point or another. This is something that needs to be done immediately and effectively. Internet study groups and games to educate kids are a good way to help them understand the basics of freedom and free thinking while limiting the amount of damage the state can do.

As for defense organizations, I believe that initially individuals will have to train themselves. Learn to fight. Learn to Shoot. Learn to Survive on minimal supplies. Then find others with similar training and similar attitudes and begin offering your services to those within the community. Whether it be guarding money while on the way to a vault or transporting gold and silver from one person to another. If an agent is injured in the course of his\her work then it may be expedient to go to an agorist medic to get patched up due to the States inability to stay out of the private business of private individuals. As the jobs come in the money will grow and a business will form around it. With viable agorist defense agencies, to protect their interests, some agorist insurance agencies may arise. I'm not going to get into the specifics of how these relationships will or should work, but simply that they are possible, probable, and necessary. A recent incident with a fellow community member has brought to light the need to focus on "inside the system" and "outside the system" recourse. Not all actions will require the use of force nor will all actions be pacifistic in nature. Timing is everything and knowing when and what type of action is necessary is going to be key. Sometimes it may be necessary for phone chains and mass "harassment" campaigns. Sometimes it may be necessary to break in a door and free a comrade from a potentially violent situation. Situations dictate tactics and success and failure will dictate viability.

How much time do we have before the State starts to fail? History has shown that high inflation and wars have brought down civilizations in the past. We are in the midst of the fall. How fast it happens may depend on many factors. Agorism is one of those factors. As more and more people wake up to the tyranny we will have more and more resources available to us. We have to make sure that we survive the struggles to come and that we not only survive, but thrive. We need to come out of this stronger then how we went in and we need to have stronger bonds between us. It's time for us to go out and find these people or to become these people. We need to know our niche and work on strengthening it so that we are able to provide service to our Community.

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